Take Shape for Life

During transition/end of program - before and after

While I've been heavier than I was when I started with Medifast/Take Shape for Life, I'll just show the beginning and end of the program here. If you want to see me at about my worst go to the bottom of the page.

September 2009, 260 pounds

October 2010, 164 pounds

The beginning

So I've been trying to lose weight for the last few years.

Me - before - 09/20/2009

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That's me at 258 pounds.

I'll try to keep track of where I'm at. Maybe it'll help keep me on target.

update - 11/14/2009

229.5 pounds

This is the lowest weight I achieved back in February 2008. I'm pretty comfortable with the current program. I don't have to think too hard about what I'm eating. Once a month I have to plan the next 4 weeks worth of meals, but that really isn't too hard. I've just been keeping a mental tally of what I find myself grabbing first from the pantry. The daily choices have been interesting. I have to eat some of the things that are lower on my preferences so I don't run out of my favorites before the end of the month.

My current favorites are the bars. Oddly enough, the chocolate ones are less appealing than they were.

update - almost 6 months - 03/12/2010

199.5 pounds

with belt

typical oversize clothes shot

I finally broke the 200 pounds barrior.

update - another goal reached - 05/12/2010

184 pounds

with belt

typical oversize clothes shot

with clothes that fit

and less than a month later this old suit now fits

Less than 20 pounds to goal 07/11/1010

169 pounds

with clothes that fit


It's been a while since I added anything here. When I reached 165 I seemed to stabilize.

I added some fruit but continued with everything else.

In September I started a fitness/exercise program at UT - Get Fit. Before you start they do a complete body composition scan which gives an accurate reading of the percent of fat, muscle and bone. It showed that at 168 pounds my percent body fat was 20.7 which is at the top of "normal". Seems I am "big boned".

164.5 pounds

The pants are some I've kept around since around 1980 that I haven't fit in since then.

Just found this picture from maybe 5 years ago - I think I weighed over 280 at that time.

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