Shaving Supplies


My first razor is the Merkur 34C

I bought a Gillette Flair Tip Super Speed on Ebay - it's a C-3, which is from 1957 - 3rd quarter. So it's a couple of months older than me. Pictures when I get around to it.


I've got a Rudy Vey custom brush. The wood is Narra, the knot is 22 mm Finest Badger with a 46-48mm loft.

The brush looks different in each of these photos. Blame the photographer. It also looks different from the photos Rudy sent when making the brush.

Rudy's pics.

I had been using a Van Der Hagen boar bristle brush, which you can see in one of the hanger pictures. It still does ok. Unfortunately it has a crack at the knot that's getting bad.


I've been using shaving soap and mug for some time now, mixing up lather in an apothecary mug.

After reading about some other soaps on the Badger and Blade forum I decided to try something new. I've got a tub of Mama Bear's Lime and Bergamont and Mama Bear's Lemon Ice Mentholated. They are both amazing. Make great lather, smell wonderful.

I've got samples of some of her other soaps as well. I expect to be getting more in time.

I also got some samples of Queen Charlotte Soaps so I don't think I'll be running out of choices soon

Before this my favorite soap had been the Col. Conk Lime glycerin soap. I definitely like the crispness of citrus in my shaving soaps.

I also have the Col. Conk almond soap in the travel container for traveling. Which was definitely easy to pack.


Having read a bit more about lather creation I switched from making lather in the mug alone to getting soap onto the brush from the puck and then stirring up the lather in a separate bowl. I've just got my shaving scuttle from Dirty Bird Pottery which will keep the lather warm for the entire shave.

I noticed this little logo under the handle when unpacking the scuttle

and with the brush


Instead of a stand I've made some hanging wire holders that suction cup to the mirror.

And after seeing some other stands on the web, I've made new ones. I don't think this is the final version either.

More Razors

I have a few straight razors that I got from my dad. I'm not sure if they were his, or my granddad's. I used a couple for a bit, but realized that they needed to be sharpened and I knew I couldn't do it. So they've been sitting around until I find someone I can trust to do the job. Now that I'm on the B&B forum I should be able to find someone to hone them for me.

I have a strop hanging in the bathroom still as well.

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