Coffee Makers

Manual Coffee Makers

Melitta drip cone


This uses a #2 cone filter

Bodum French Presses

bistro mug press

whole unit

bistro mug press whole


In mug

travel press

travel press


travel press


all the pieces

filter in place

ready for grounds

adding grounds

ready for water

forcing the water through the grounds

nice concentrated coffee

filtron cold brew system


The process is simple. In fact you don't need the system to make cold brewed coffee. It's just a bit easier to do. Cleaning up is a breeze compared to amy first make-shift setup.

  1. dump in 1 pound of ground coffee
  2. add 9 cups of water
  3. wait 24 hours
  4. filter coffee
  5. use concentrate

With the system you still have all the grounds in the container so you can add another 2 cups of water, wait another 24 hours and filter this to get more coffee. A bonus to using the system

filtron after 24 hours

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