remodeling is addictive

during - end of day one

bathroom floor before

note the new tile from the hallway

after the tub was removed

view two

view three

view four

the remains of the old tub

another picture of the remains

the drain area

the shower head space

the old valve

after the plumber phase one

new drain

new valve (the black piece is a guide for the tile installer

new valve and shower space (with temporary pipe used as a guide for the tile installer

day two

The concrete board going up

and a bit further along

waterproof layer going in

note the edge has been put in

more concrete panel - close to done

day three

tile going on the walls, the 'pan' poured

the shower walls

the 'pan'

day three

all the tile in the shower is in.

the toilet has been removed so that the floor can be installed tomorrow.

the shower walls

the shower floor

the tiled shower

day four

the doorway - now flows from the hallway

the bathroom floor

The shower

day five - usable bathroom

the bathroom entry

the toilet

The shower

inside the shower

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